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Board Games

Games like Monopoly and Clue are synonymous with tons of hours of fun with both friends and family members. It's hard for an adult to look back and not remember all the good times they've had over the years, playing games like Scrabble, LIFE, Risk, Battleship, and Sorry! Whether it be something that is meant to have more of a childlike theme, or something as serious as a tactical war game board, there's something for anyone of every age group.

Board games are some of the oldest forms of group entertainment. Even a game like Twister can be attributed to being one giant board game, only one that uses the body as a move piece. In fact, board games have such a popularity that there are even tournaments held specifically for playing with them. This includes Chess games, Checkers, Go, and Backgammon. Monopoly is one of the most well known board games, as it's most noted for its use of fake currency and the ability to buy properties. Many of the aspects of Monopoly will have players at the game for a long while. It's actually possible for the game to last a few days, if the players are competitive enough to come back to it.

Chess and Checkers has to be two of the most popular forms of board gaming entertainment. Although, many people describe Chess as too difficult to learn, or simply choose not to take the time to learn, there exists the more simplistic game of Checkers. Checkers works in a similarly related way to chess, in that it uses squares to move across the board, in order to gain domination of the game, and ultimately win.

The biggest difference between the two is that Chess requires more strategy, and thus more brain power, to play. This is due to the fact that there isn't just one simple type of piece to play with. There are pieces that are shaped differently, meant to be placed in only certain areas at the beginning of the game, can only perform tasks specified to its shape, and the way that the game is won is also very different. With chess, your goal is to destroy the opponent's king. In checkers, you aim to destroy each and every one of the other player's pieces.

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