How to play table tennis

How to play table tennis

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How to play table tennis

Practice, practice, practice. Table tennis skills and techniques must be practiced on a regular basis to be effective. Table Tennis 101 begins with learning how to execute cuts, chops and slices. These basic shots must be made smoothly and evenly.

Approaching the ball properly is the first step in executing basic table tennis strokes. Chops are only viable when the ball is on its downward arc. You adjust the contact point to put on different tailspins. This takes repetitious practice to find the right contact point and spins off the chop shot you can use going forward.

Forehand cuts calls for judging the speed of the all coming at you. Relax and stroke while rocking on your back foot, then raise your arm and paddle, hitting the ball. Backhand slices use the same technique. Balance yourself, snap you wrist on the backhand side and cut the ball enough to propel it over the net.

Serve techniques use balance, wrist, return, the same as cuts and slices. Backhand spins and forehand pendulum strokes are the two mist popular ways of serving. changing the way you hit the ball with the addle changes the spin. The higher you toss the ball while serving, the better the speed and deception of the serve.

Beginning players need to get a paddle tat works best. They come in different types ranging from pizza ladle to lollipop with one side red and the other black. A shake hands grip should be employed. this mans gripping the paddle with all your fingers, the thumb off the paddle.

Typically the playing area is 20-by-40 feet. This makes footwork very important. Master the ready position and practice pivoting your weight while making the shot. Put all these movements and techniques together and you'll make a good start playing table tennis.

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