How To Get Free Antivirus

Getting free antivirus software for the pc is as easy as searching, downloading and installing. Follow these simple step by step instructions for obtaining Microsoft Security Essentials, which is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Windows 8, and Windows XP.

Microsoft security essentials is an antivirus made by Microsoft. It is free to use as long as you have a valid windows user license. This antivirus may also be used in small businesses for up to ten machines. For a bigger business, it may be necessary to purchase a package.

From the home screen, select the web browser and navigate to Google. In the Google search bar type “Microsoft security essentials.” Select the search result “virus, spyware and malware protection” at

Select the “Download It Free Today” option. Click to begin the download. A file download notification box will appear offering “Run,” “Save,” and “Cancel” options. Click on the “Save” option. The file should begin downloading.

After the file has downloaded, a notification will appear informing “Download Complete.” Select the “Run” option. The next screen is the Microsoft Security Essentials installation wizard. This screen offers information about updates, features, and the privacy statement. The user will need to select the “Next” option by clicking it. The following screen should include the Microsoft Software license user agreement. This agreement provides information about the legalities of the software. Here, the user is required to choose the “I Accept” option in order to proceed.

The next screen will ask if the user would like to join the Customer Experience Improvement Program. If the user joins, the program will send anonymous usage data to Microsoft to help them improve customer experience. The user may select whether or not they wish to join this program and continue with the installation by clicking the “Next” option. The following screen is titled “Optimized Security.” Click “Next” to continue to the installation process.

On the Ready to Install Microsoft Security Essential screen, select “Install.” Once completed, select “Finish.” The program will begin searching for and downloading updates. Updates are automatically installed. Once this is complete, the program will be ready to use.

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