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Creative Facts on Interior Design

The main function of interior design is to ultimately combine skill and creativity, to bring rooms to life. This is applied by joining fabrics, furniture, styles, colors, and textures to give a home a specific look. There are two main types of interior design, and they are known as decorative and structural.

When applying a good decorative design to a room, an interior decorator will use the right appropriateness of the basic structure to allow furniture and colors to be placed in proper proportions.

When an interior decorator is using a good structural design, they will go for a more simplistic route; which includes having a decent proportion, using the correct materials, and knowing the overall setup for how the room will suit someone's specific needs.

There are also five basic elements of interior design. The elements that make it up are line, texture, space form, and color. To further break this down, there are seven principles that define interior design more precisely. The seven principles are color and details, balance, unity, focal point, scale and proportion, and rhythm.

Most importantly, you can't be an interior designer without knowing your decorative and structural style, and there are several different types of style in interior design. Some of the most common types are Traditional, Victorian, Contemporary, Country, and Colonial, just to name a few.

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