Educational TV Shows for Kids

Television can be both educational and entertaining. There are several television programs for kids that actually make learning fun. The following are some of the best educational TV shows for kids for various age groups.

Educational TV Shows for Two's and Three's
A list of educational shows for kids wouldn't be complete without Sesame Street. While the show spends a lot of time focusing on letters and counting, older children can learn from this fantastic program as well.

Educational TV Shows for Four's and Five's
Arthur is an especially good program for kids just starting school. The show deals with a lot of issues regarding socialization and getting along with other kids. Between the Lions on PBS is also a good show for this age group. This program focuses on reading skills and phonics. Sid the Science Kid on PBS is a program about a curious kid who does a lot of investigating and observing to find answers.

Educational TV Shows for Older Children
The Magic School Bus is a program that has great story lines while teaching kids quite a bit about science. Wishbone is a show starring a Jack Russell terrier. The adorable dog finds himself in a variety of adventures that are based on stories from classical literature. Children learn about these stories in a fun and exciting way.

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