• PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One

    This year is a very special time for video gamers. With the Hollidays approaching, all the serious gamers have a choice to make. Do they want to get a newly released PlayStation 4, or the new Xbox One?

    Both systems gave their good and bad, so lets take a look at some of the new features.

    Of course, they both have much better graphics than the last generation, and they both have a lot of movie options, including access to sites like Netflix, and blue ray players.

    There are a few things that set them apart.

    The Xbox is focused on entertainment. You can access your cable box through your Xbox, and watch TV through it. There is also a voice control feature, which allows you to change channels just by talking. This is very nice for people who always lose their remotes.

    The PS4 focuses on gaming. It has one cool new feature that allows you to live stream your game for others to watch and comment online.

    The price is the major downfall, although its not as expensive as previous generations. The Xbox One costs $500, but requires a $60 per year membership to access the Internet.

    The PS4 costs only $400, and you can do everything you want to with no additional cost besides play multiplayer online, which is an extra $50 per year.

    No matter which console you decide to pick, I'm sure you will love it. If you want entertainment, that the Xbox is for you. If you want a console strictly for gaming, than the PS4 is the better choice.

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