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    Flash Games

    Video games are one of the few things that never seem to go out of style. With games, there's always a genre that appeals to everyone who is looking for a little entertainment. Whether it be a simple card game, a bubble bursting game, or an action and adventure role playing game - there's a different flavor to apply to everyone's individual tastes. Although, this doesn't only include video games that are played on popular gaming consoles. There are actually plenty of games that can be played online, without having to spend a single penny to play them.

    These games are, more often than not, referred to as flash games. This is due solely to how they are made. Flash games are usually created by an independent artist, or a group of independent artists, who may or may not be part of a company. The games are made using a careful combination of flash art, which is created from being hand drawn onto a flash program, and then animated and given the ability to control through advanced coding methods. In order to learn how to create flash games, the art would require years of research or even a degree in animation or a related field.

    The most difficult part in learning how to create flash games, or even simple flash animations, is figuring out whether or not it would be wise to learn on your own through the abundant resources found on the web, or whether the best path lies in attending college for the knowledge. The result should be the same, or at least similar, but with learning flash games, it might take longer to learn on one's own. Then again, everyone has their own method of learning, so if flash games and flash animation fascinates you well enough, figure out the best method of learning for yourself, even if it does not apply to others.

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