What is Google Penguin Algorithm

Google, the undisputed leader in internet search technologies, uses an amazingly complex algorithm to rank query results. Released in April of 2012, Penguin is the code name of the latest coding update to that search algorithm.

Google Penguin was designed to provide more useful search results to users. This complex formula was intended to remove or lower the rankings websites that were classified as "spammers" or otherwise violated Google's Webmaster Guidelines.

In May of 2012, an upgrade was released. This Penguin update, called Penguin 1.1, was intended to change only one tenth of one percent of english searches. It primarily targeted websites again classified as "excessive spammers." It appears though, that many other websites were unintentionally caught up in this update and lost search rankings.

Google quickly release a Penguin feedback form. This form was available in two varieties. The first was for users to report web spam that was still managing to filter through the algorithm. The second form was for websites to appeal if they believe they had been wrongly targeted by the update. Google claims that of the 700,000 websites targeted, over 625,000 of them were done so properly.

Google plans to continue the line of Penguin updates, stating the next update will be named Penguin 2.0. The ongoing line of updates will have the continued goal improving search results for users. The end goal of removing all spam from search queries may never be achieved, but with each Penguin update, Google takes one step closer.

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