What Is Google Panda Algorithm

The Google Panda algorithm is part of the system which Google uses to rank sites on the internet based on the quality of the content. It is designed to improve the quality of the writing on the internet by ranking the writing on websites based on quality. The program is designed to work by comparing websites to thousands of websites that have been ranked by human quality evaluators. At least some commentators consider the program to be an example of the use of artificial intelligence.

The need for designing web ranking systems to consider the quality of website content developed as advertisers discovered the use of keywords and the practice of search engine optimization. Many websites are written to get an optimum number of keywords onto a page of web content. Frequently this content is written by someone who barely understands the language being used for the website and who works for less than $1 per hour. The result may be unreadable.

After Panda was introduced a problem arose with some sites violating or otherwise infringing on copyrighted content from other sites. Panda has been updated since its introduction to help address this issue. Originality is now one of the factors considered in evaluating the quality of a site. Google has been making a serious attempt to keep the quality of content on the internet at an acceptable level.

Many websites continue to attempt to take advantage of search engine optimization without regard to quality of content. Freelance content writers frequently find that clients request jobs with keyword requirements that cannot be filled without producing articles that are pretty much gibberish. Google has been attempting to change search engine ranking procedures to encourage better quality web content.

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