How To Treat Back Pain

Back pain can be a debilitating circumstance that results from causative factors ranging from temporary overuse of muscles to a lifelong disability due to severe injury. Luckily the majority of back pain is minor and temporary in scope, often relieved by rest, over-the-counter analgesics, the application of heat and massage.

For those experiencing more severe symptoms, the aid of a health care professional is imperative to eliminating pain and regaining mobility. A significant amount of medical testing to diagnosis the root of pain is usually necessary in order to enact a successful treatment plan, but fortunately there are a number of tools available to provide relief. When these treatments are incorporated in a multifaceted approach the time for recovery is shortened considerably, and good results are within reach.

For nerve issues as the cause of back pain a physician may prescribe a muscle relaxer, pain medication, physical therapy or an electrical device known as a Tens Unit. This device blocks the signal that travels between the location of an injury and the brain, in essence making the brain unaware that pain is being experienced.

For disc and similar spinal cord issues traction is often the best answer. By gently stretching the spinal column under close supervision misaligned discs and vertabrae can be repositioned and the associated pain vanquished.

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