How to Eat Right

Eating right can play a crucial part in factoring your overall health. As the saying goes, you are what you eat. Eating right with proper nutrition can help you stay active longer and can even avoid potential health complications that can occur due to poor diet and exercise.

Vitamins and minerals are need for everyone on a daily bases. Although some may need to take supplements to reach a certain amount for their unique situation, most can find the necessary vitamins and minerals in the foods we eat. Vitamins you should consume on a daily bases include vitamin A, B's, C, D, E, and K. Although there are many minerals out there, there only a few that should be consumed daily such as iron, calcium, and magnesium. There is a certain amount that should be taken on a daily bases to avoid overdosing which can lead to other health problems.

Vitamin A can be found in foods such as dark leafy greens, sweet potatoes, carrots, and cantaloupe. Vitamin A takes a major impact on gene transcription, the immune system, skin, and vision. Vitamin B rich foods included mackerel, red meat such as beef, and eggs. It is the most essential vitamin to the human body. Vitamin C is commonly known to exist in fruits such as an orange or tangerine. However, bell peppers, kiwi, and papayas are also a great source of vitamin C which can lower cancer risk and maintains the blood vessels. Rainbow trout, olive oil, and almonds are just a few foods rich in vitamin E which aids in the prevention of heart disease, certain types of cancer, and muscular degeneration.

Iron and magnesium are two well know minerals the body needs to function properly. Iron rich foods include red meat, egg yolks, and chick peas. Iron is needed in the blood system and can prevent anemia from occurring. Magnesium can be found in brown rice, bananas, and dried fruits such as figs. This particular mineral is required to develop and maintain muscles and even functions of the nerves as well as the immune system.

Having a set calorie limit per day can also help you eat right and all foods with poor nutrition that are high in calories such as sweets should be eliminated. Sweets offer little to no nutrition for your body and increase the sugar intake which turns to fat. When cooking meats, it's best to grill or bake. This will eliminate calories and excess fat that can overtime cause high cholesterol and many other health related complications.

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