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    In order to become a great, professional songwriter, you must devote as much time and energy to your songwriting as you would to any other career.  It requires applied study, dedication and commitment.

    The songwriting process need not be in any particular order. Some folk write lyrics before the music, others will start with the music, and others write them at the same time, flitting from one to the other. Whether you prefer to begin with the lyrics or the music, the words should give the listener a picture of the theme or tale.

    You can begin by thinking about the feel or vibe of the song you are going to be working on.  Decide the aura, style and a vague outline of what you want the song to portray.  A smart next step can be looking for the title of the song, which may or may not be used within the songs actual lyrics but should give a good idea of the theme or the general concept.  The chorus should really contain the hook and it ideally should be relevant to the title of the song, as the chorus is what stands out both lyrically and musically. It\'s the feature that people will remember most.

    On occasion it can be beneficial to write something that isn\'t a song. It can greatly assist the creative process, because you are free from the demands for form and structure, no rules to constrain you and, in addition, no hooks.

    Help with inspiration

    A superb piece of advice for every songwriter is to pay attention to what is happening all around them!  Listen to the things people say, what makes them laugh, look at how they interact with each other. What type of song would be interesting to these people?

    Another resource for topics and inspiration for songs is quotations, a good one can give a song such direction. Try doing a search for quotations on google, search for email subscriptions or forums, there are lots of them online. Alternatively get yourself out in the fresh air (people-watching as you go) and (search for a book of quotations at the local library or bookstore.

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