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    Do you like music? Do you want all your lovely music to be your MP3 ringtone? Obviously, all of us love music, you can hear music everywhere, people walk with walkman or on the way go home, or on the way go to work, including the iPod and music-enabled cell phones. Music as a Mirror. When people feel sad, they would choose to hear or sing songs to decompression mood and feel ease. When people are happy, they also choose listen music. Music is part of our daily life, we can not without it. Music suggests much to our society. Whether it is an indigenous nation, a Strauss waltz, a song or a rock video of traditional gospel songs, music reflects a culture. It expresses the experience, but also affected by the experience, creating feelings and audience response. Like a music mirror society. We can go to music store to buy CD, to find the beautiful melody. But this will waste too much time, most of the people prefer to buy music CD online. When it comes to online music store, you canít image how huge of the music database. It is the ocean of music world, you can find the songs which you are finding faster and easier. Now the online music store is instead of music store. There are many advantage that you choose music store online, Because you just need type some letters online, then you will find the song you want, especially you can get free download. And the great advantage is cheaper and convenient than walking to the store. To choose your favorite music store online, sign up as a member, and of course you can subscribe it. Here you can get unlimited music download, but pay less money. Moreover, smart mobile phone manufacturers have launched a lot of Music Phone to the market, this mobile phone with advanced music function which can replace our portable MP3 players. So we can also download the music to our mobile phone as MP3 ringtone, this allow us to enjoy music whenever and wherever possible. I often download musics online. The online music store which I often go to has over 9 millions songs, if you do this too, you will see how amazing of such beautiful melody of online music store. Listen to entire albums or artist catalogs, from all major labels and thousands of independent artists. Listen as much as you want, then download the songs you like. here is free legal music downloads Article Source:http://www.findfreetrial.com/music/best-buy-online-music-store.html

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