Night Club Safety Tips

Laughter is deemed to be one of the best ways of relieving stress. What better way to release stress than to have a few great laughs with friends at a night club? Although laughing and dancing the night away can be tons of fun, there are a few safety tips to keep in mind.

Prevent Yourself From Being a Date Rape Drug Victim

Date rape drugs are used to make it easier to lure an individual out of the club to rape, abuse, and engage in other nonconsensual activities. When you order a drink, be sure not to sit it down anywhere unless you have your eyes on it all times. A lurker is always waiting for you to walk away and slip a date rape drug into your drink.

Be Cautious of Alcohol Intake

Sometimes when we're having a good time, we fail to remember how many drinks we have consumed. It is best to keep track of how many drinks you had while at a night club as you may put yourself at risk of alcohol poisoning. Also, consuming too many alcoholic beverages may cause you to have poor judgments, which can put you in a lot of dangerous situations.

Travel in Groups

One of the best ways of ensuring your safety is if you travel in groups. You should never go to a night club alone - you are stronger in numbers. If an incident occurs, you may have a greater chance at being safe since the culprit may be outnumbered. In most cases, you will not be bothered because groups are not considered an attractive target for criminals.

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