The Sega Video Game System was the first home game system to come out way back in in 1982, in Japan, with SubRoc 3d and then the SG-1000. It wasnít able to make a mark until 1989 when Sega came back with Sega Genesis. After the Sonic the Hedgehog game came out there was some legal trouble with Accolade and the company remained relatively quite until Dreamcast came out in 1998 although they did produce the Sega Saturn in 1995. This was not as popular in North America as it was in Japan because once the Sony Playstation2 came out the Sega Corporation lost their momentum and their sales, fizzling out into the obscure.

Now you can play the classic Sega games without the video game console, all you need is an adapter or a simple plug and play device that comes with 40 games built right in. You can download them right to your computer too. Play all kinds of arcade games like Snake and Mahjohng or play brain games like Match Eleven, but donít forget the best ones like Alien Storm and Columns III. These are just the ones that come with the pack. Only half of the games made for Sega Saturn was released in the US; among these are great classics like Area 51, Daytona USA, and Streetfighter.

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