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Why free debt advice is the best debt advice

Author: Debt Advice

If you have found yourself with a debt issue that you want to get resolved as quickly and as painlessly as possible and are seeking debt advice, then you will want to know that the debt advisor you are talking with is an impartial debt advisor. Why? Because only if the debt advice that you are receiving is free debt advice, independent of any commercial bias or influence, can you be assured that it is the best debt advice available. In a situation where you have found yourself owing money that you are having difficulty repaying, it is vital that in order to manage the debt properly it is your best interests that are being reflected in the debt management decision making, and not anybody else\'s best interests.

First things first though – the question of whether to pay for debt advice. If anyone does try to charge you for debt advice just politely turn your back and walk away. They\'re wasting your time. Don\'t let them try to waste your money too, especially if you haven\'t got any to waste. No credible debt management agency worth its salt will charge you for advice.

Then again just because the best advice is free advice don\'t be fooled into thinking that all free debt advice it really is impartial. After all doesn\'t everyone offer free debt advice? The question to ask yourself is – is this free debt advice I\'m getting, IVA advice for example, just a way of guiding me towards an inappropriate debt management product? Is it really debt advice that I can rely on and trust? Who am I speaking with? An experienced, well trained representative of an independent agency who can advise on my best course of action, or a salesperson who\'s trying to guide me towards the most lucrative commission?

Confused? You needn\'t be. There\'s plenty of impartial debt advice UK wide that can prove a great starting point in helping you manage your way out of financial trouble. From IVA advice, advice on bankruptcy, debt consolidation and Debt Relief Orders, there really is a wealth of knowledge and know-how out there.

At DAT we already deal with more than 100 people a day, offering them independent guidance and advice to help them get to grips with debt problems. Maybe we can help you too.

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The Debt Advice Trust has been created to help people in serious debt get good, honest, impartial advice. It is an organisation having debt management specialist providing debt help and bankruptcy advice.

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