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Traffic Jam

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Traffic Jam

Productive Things to Do When Trapped in a Traffic Jam

Author: Jay Turner

While it can cause you a lot of stress especially if you are beating a deadline and you need to be at the office as early as possible, you can take this time to sort things out and make something productive out of your bad situation. Here are a few tips:


Reading a book/newspaper

Reading is really helpful as it takes your mind away from the traffic mess. Whether it is a classic novel, poetic compilation, or a work-related manuscript, your mind is diverted to the material you are reading, much better than swearing and getting all upset over something beyond your control. You can also take a few minutes flipping over the pages of the newspaper in order to quickly catch up with the latest news across the country and around the world. Knowledge like these always comes in handy in day to day office conversation.


Listening to music

Who does not love listening to some music every once in a while? Being in the middle of a traffic jam is the perfect time to indulge yourself in the music of your choice, lightening the mood. It can be an everyday thing for you, if you have more or less gauged the time factor (inclusive of traffic jams) as to the travel from your place to the office. Music lifts spirits and you can arrive at work humming a tune.


Writing a to-do-list

We often forget the things we need to do for the day or the things we need to buy before we go home. While you\'re stuck in traffic, take this time to write your to-do-list. You can even take this time to do some deep thinking and some kind of meditation. In other words, take advantage of the time you are alone and use it to your advantage. Time is precious and knowing how to use every minute wisely will not only give you fulfillment but you get more things done.


Heavy traffic can have a tremendous impact on how you will get through your busy schedule and how you can make it through the day. And whether we like it or not, we can get caught in this situation any time. So instead of complaining and cursing about the traffic, you just need to sit back, relax, and think of a productive activity that can help you utilize your time, the best way possible.

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About the Author

The writer has been a travel journalist for over a decade now. She has traveled around the world and there is no wonder that she has experienced more than enough traffic jams in her life. She uses public transportation in all of her travels, Virginia Beach taxi for instance, in order to communicate with other people first hand. Her articles have been written in local and international papers alike and she certainly has a following.