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Dance class and its benefits

Author: anamikanazer

Dance studies and research have become an integral part of many universities\' arts and humanities programs. Dance is a vital part of our lives. Dance is a form of art through which one can show human emotions, express ideas or tell a story with facial expressions and rhythmic body movements. Dance is a form of exercise which provides relaxation, body flexibility and many health benefits.


Bharatnatyam dance form, a traditional dance of Tamil Nadu is a combination of melody, expressions, and rhythm. The three primary elements of Bharatnatyam are Nritya Nritta, and Natya. Nritya emphasizes body movements and various dance postures. Nritta highlights rhythm and body movements. Natya gives significance to poem and drama. A perfect combination of all three elements makes a perfect dance. Certain postures and mudras in Bharatnatyam have healing the power. These dance postures improve flexibility, develops concentration, benefits the heart and helps control body weight.

Ballet dance

Ballet is a formalized form of dance with its origins in the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th and 16th centuries. Ballet is an excellent form of exercise to strengthen and develop the core muscles of your back and abdomen. The movements taught in ballet classes are designed to tone and firm muscles without developing bulk so you develop long and lean muscles as opposed to thick, bulky ones.


Aerobics dance is an exercise that combines the rhythmic steps of aerobics with graceful dance movements. Aerobic dancing can be performed by both men and women. It is estimated that your body burn 200 - 400 calories in half an hour. If you perform aerobic dancing, your body will be kept in good shape. Other than keeping the body in shape aerobics dancing can reduce you daily stress, help to maintain your high blood pressure and can help you to have a better sleep.
You have seen the benefits of each dance style. Now what you to decide is, how to pick the right dance class:

1-Choose the style: First of all choose your dance style. If you are not sure of which one to go for there are dance classes and lessons that help you choose the best dance style suited to your happy feet.
2-Make enquiries: The best to find out a good dance class studios or institute is to ask around your neighbor who goes for a dance class or whose kids go for the class. Internet is another source of your research.
3-Zero down to right dance class studio: You have chosen the dance style, done enquiries on number of dance tutorials. Now you have to decide which one to pin it. If you are searching dance tutorial for you kids first of find out if the studio does have clean bathrooms.
4-Schedule it: Time is prior for everybody. Assess how much time will the class take, and what time are the class schedules. You also need to emphasis on studies if you are a student along with other curricular activities. Same applies for employed and house wives.
5-Cost price: It is important to get a rough idea of the overall dance class fees structure. Ask the dance instructor or anyone responsible for holding the accounts ad admission task.

Usually dance classes for various age groups have different timings according to their age group and dance style. Most of the dance schools keep the minimum age for kids to 3. One of the most famous dance school run by a leading choreographer is that of Shiamak Davar\'s, it would be a dream come true trained under an instructor like him. Bharatnatyam and Ballet dance are more of an artistic form of dance where you need to learn the technical dancing art of expressions and postures. While aerobics dance is more of a kind of exercise or free dance to relax your body. So, choose carefully what you want to learn.


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