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How Jokes and Humor Helps Us To Be Happy

Author: Jayaprakash Reddy

Joke:  A joke is a few words are sentences by hearing/reading we get laugh.  It is one to one or many. This process also known as laughter.   Laughter is medicine for mind and body.

Humor: Humor is combination of fundamentals a) Thinking b) Feeling c) physical. 

Thinking:  In this kind for humor one makes others to think about something and feel happy.

Feeling   :  In this kind of humor one makes others to feel (Creates emotional feelings).

Physical:  in this kind of humor one makes others by his/her actions/words to physically laugh.  Some times is equivalent to a joke.

We often see many people relate jokes with humor.  But when we observe we understand that jokes are tiny while humor is vast.   Jokes and humor helps to live emotionally healthy.

Advantages of Jokes and Humor: There are number of advantages and benefits one gets from Jokes and humor.  Some of them are listed below.

  1. I.                    Social Benefits
    1. Develops groups attachment ( improves team works )
    2. Helps keep away from conflicts
    3. Strengthens relation.
  2. II.                  Mental advantages/Benefits
    1. Relieves pressure/stress
    2. Improves mood/atmosphere
    3. Enhances flexibility/resilience
    4. Adds enthusiasm and bliss to life
  3. III.                Physical benefits
    1. Reduces pain
    2. drops in stress hormones
    3. Relaxes muscles
    4. Boosts resistance
    5. Prevents heart diseases
    6. Respiration issues come down
    7. Brings Blood pressure to normal

Disadvantages of Jokes/Humor:   Before knowing about disadvantages of humor please try to understand the following quotes.

'Humor is Surprise without threat but surprise with threat is not humor'.

Actually there are no disadvantages from humor if one can enjoy it in right way.  When we don\'t to how to use/enjoy the humor it gives negative results.  If one doesn\'t want to see disadvantages of humor has to avoid the following.

  • Don\'t be funny with serious people.  Because how the react you may not be know.
  • Do not comment on religious matters
  • Do not involve communities in your jokes/humor
  • Try to avoid touching personal beliefs/feelings.
  • Honor others opinions in your jokes/humor

How to start Humor and joke:  The following are a few things to start humor and jokes.

  • Try to Smile
  • Try to introduce humor into your discussions/conversations
  • Whenever hear a joke move towards nearer.
  • Try to spend your time with who are fun and jokey.

How to create opportunities for Humor/Joke?

  • Amuse yourself with pet animal
  • Host games with your neighbors in night times.
  • Find funny/jokey people
  • Share jokes with others
  • Buy and read fun / jokes books
  • Join in comedy/laughing clubs
  • Watch comics / funny shows in Television
  • Allot time for funny activities
  • Move near to children

We may divide Jokes & Humor in to different varieties. Actually there are many kinds of jokes and humor.   However the following are very popular categories.

Kinds of jokes / Kinds of humor

Parody:  Mocking the original work.

Screwball:  Humor related to misunderstanding

Farce:   Exaggeration kind of humor

Dark:  Humor related to unpleasant, sadistic, and hopelessness

Satire:  Humor based on ones short comings (To make him/her improve)

Slapstick: physical kind of humor (ex: hitting each other)

Hope the above points help you to be funny / happy in your life.  In a nutshell humor is very important to life.  So I suggest make it part of your life.

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About the Author is developed by Mr.Jayaprakash Reddy Vangala.  He is M.Com., B.Ed., He is working for last one and half decade in a Public Limited Company. Where he worked in different locations/offices and departments.  Prior to joining in this company he also worked in Educational institutions in both teaching and non teaching departments.  Now he would like to share his rich experience with the world.

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