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Pre-School Education In India - An Overview

Author: Explore My School

Pre-Schools or Play-Schools or Kindergarten (Children\'s Garden) as they are known as, are becoming more and more popular today. Pre-School education, according to wikipidea, is the provision of learning to children before the commencement of statutory and obligatory education. Pre-School usually allow children between the age of 2 to 5 years. The minimum and maximum age of the children varies from school to school. Pre-Schools / Play-Schools help children to grow at a very ealry stage. Most of the Pre-Schools / Play Schools in India are privately owned today. Some of the major names include Shemrock, Bachpan, Eurokids, Kidzee etc.

Pre-Schools / Play-Schools encourage children to play variuos games like Fire in the jungle, Searching the leader, Stone & Mud, Seed-Chain, Knots & Crossed etc which helps children to enjoy while learning to develop various skills. It is well said that environment in which child grows, plays a very significant role in his/her development. Pre-School / Play schools make available such an environment for the children. Also it is a well established fact that a rapid brain growth happens in the early years of child. If the children are exposed to such games which help to grow their congitive skills then their development is going to be far more better.

In these days\' it is very common to see both father and mother are working. Pre-School / Play Schools serve as a daycare schools for the children of these parents . In the early days there used to be Palnaghars for children. Now Pre-Schools / Play schools have replaced them in a more effective manner. Now parents do not have to worry about thier children as their child is now in safe hands.

In india there are lots of quality Pre-School / Play schools coming up. Some Pre-Schools  have their presence in many cities across India like Shemrock, Bachpan...A Play School, Tree House etc. This number is growing day by day. These school chains are helping children to grow at a very early stage. Other than these chains there are individually operating schools too. Very few are govenment, rest are owned and run by private firms only.

Pre-School education is becoming more and more important today.

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