How to get free software

How to get free software

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How to get free software

With loads of software companies out there trying to make a profit it can be very difficult to get free software. We live in a day in age where money is the factor that determines what we do, what we buy. But not having enough money to spend on expensive software will no longer be a factor. In our fast moving technological society there are so many ways to get free software. There is the legal way, which consists of trial version of the latest software or downloads of older versions, or the illegal way, which consist of peer-2-peer file sharing.

Legally there are many ways to get free software. The only catch is the free software either comes in a trail version of the latest software, or a older version of that same software that may not meet the standards your expecting from the latest version. One popular site that is home to free downloads is Downloading on Cnet is very simple. Go to, In the search bar type the name of the software you are looking for and a download link will appear.

The other method of acquiring free software is illegal in many countries. This method consists of file sharing between computers also known as peer 2 peer file sharing or P2P for short. This type of downloading allows users to get the latest version of software free of charge without the limiting 30-day trials.

There are many outlets that support P2P file sharing. One of which is this platform allows users to download files called torrents, which contain the software they are looking for, from various users on the network. Acquiring software on pirate bay is easy. All you need to do is download a torrent reader such as; Utorret or Bittorrent . Next you go to and enter the software you choose to acquire and you download it. Wait a couple of hours and voila you have the software. Easy as that!

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