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How to Lessen the Risks of Multi-Site, Nationwide Technology Rollout Failure

Author: Concert Technologies

There are many problems that are plaguing the industry when it comes to deploying technology quickly and accurately in the field. The first step is to understand the problems and where they come from. The problem primarily stems from a lack of information about what it takes to deploy technology on a nationwide and global scale. Instead, we are subject to the same old sales pitch.
Same Sales Pitch
For as long as I can remember, traditional technology rollout companies have primarily established their capabilities from the following criteria:
1. Single Point of Contact for the Customer
2. Nationwide Partners
3. Software Application to Manage Rollout
However as I have realized (and hopefully you as well), nationwide rollouts are simply too complex for a simplified solution. You have to have a system of methodologies with defined processes in place in order to provide quality, speed, accountability, and minimized project costs. 
Increase of Incapable 'Rollout' Companies
Because of the lack of information within our industry and the incorrect viewpoints that have emerged as a result, there are many types of rollout companies that are simply incapable of implementing a project successfully. These include:
- Technology Rollout Companies with initial capabilities, but fail to deliver over the life cycle of the project.
- Technology Rollout Companies that cannot produce a consistent level of quality.
- Solution Providers without adequate resources to support multi-site rollouts
- Unethical companies
Growth of the Problem
There are two primary reasons the growth of this trend will continue unless the industry as a whole begins to understand how to efficiently deploy technology.
1. Economic
As the economy has shows, job layoffs have seemingly become an everyday event. However, the work must still be done. As the number of employees decrease, outsourcing increases. This results in an increased dependence on technology rollout companies. The downside is that this means more incapable rollout companies will emerge.
2. Technology
We\'ve seen an increase in the use and deployment of IP technology. The 'plug and play' ability makes it easier to install. Please note that a common misconception is to associate the idea that easier field installations means easier management of nationwide rollouts. This is not the case!
With field installations becoming less challenging due to IP technology, communications of the building are run through the circuit which increases its importance even further (as if the circuit wasn\'t important enough already!). A technology rollout company should then have experience and capabilities to deal with the circuit as well as communicate and coordinate activities with circuit providers. Without this, there are risks of project delays and increased costs from hiring multiple vendors. Most traditional rollout companies do not have circuit capabilities, however they are hired anyway. All of this fuels the problem even further!
Results of the Problem
Without keeping things in check, this problem will continue to grow. And the following results will become more and more abundant. Now who wants that?!
- Payment Problems
- Job Terminations
- Lawsuits
- Broken Contract Obligations
- Replacements
- Reputation Damage
How to Avoid These Problems
The only way to avoid these problems is to have a proven system of processes and methodologies employed by an experienced technology rollout company. This Technology Rollout System needs to be comprised of the following:
- Process Structure that defines rollout procedures
- Rollout Services Model utilizing the Deployment Method
- Internal Resources with key job functions incorporated within the Rollout Delivery Team Configuration
- Partnerships that are managed directly within the Technician Communication Channel

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Concert Technologies, founded in 1995, is a privately-held technology service company based in Dulles, VA. It is the leader in the rapid delivery of nationwide rollouts and global technology deployments for government, commercial and international organizations. Utilizing the Maestro Technology Rollout System, it quickly implements, installs and manages multi-site, multi-service, multi-technology infrastructure projects. Visit Concert Technologies online:

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