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A Line Up Of Action Packed Entertainment for Viewers

Author: Chetan Mahore

There is a world beyond daily soaps and talent shows in India. The world is called Action TV series. Till recent, finding a good action series on Indian television was quite a task. But then an unusual demand from the viewers forced to introduce some good action packed shows and series.

That\'s where channels like AXN and a few others conquered. Today there are no complains because most fans who enjoy edge-of-the-seat entertainment get their daily feed through these English TV shows.

Shows from the similar genre like the Fear Factor created the buzz when it was first aired on television. The response it received saw adaptations of the series in various other countries with their local flavours to the format. But it is not restricted to action. English GECs like the Big Bang theory, CSI, How I met your Mother, Two a Half Men and similar serials have managed to create a space for themselves in the minds of viewers in the country.

As the noticeable change for better content on television is becoming more evident, foreign shows are fascinating the dominating Hindi serial audience by bringing new kind of shows.

Meanwhile series like The American Ninja and the Hero are leaving no stone unturned to provide the best form of action-packed entertainment to their viewers. While the Rock is hosting the amazing format of the reality adventure, the American Ninja is making sure their viewers are getting a nail-biting show with brutal and tedious stunts and activities. And have they done well? Needless to say yes!

And to further enhance the chances of doing well, these channels have utilised the technological resources well to come up with their own portals. These portals are not merely duplicated from the television format. In fact they provide more entertainment to their online users than their TV viewers.

With celebrity interviews, behind the scenes footage, contests and more these English shows have tapped their online resources very intelligently. This is mainly to divert their audience from watching videos on YouTube and similar video streaming portals. The idea is to drive in traffic to the website by providing all their shows under their channel portals. This might also spread awareness about all the new and existing shows in the channels which will increase their viewership at the end of the day. With so much to offer to their viewers, it wouldn\'t be wrong in saying that these channels surely know how to increase traffic in their website and how to brand themselves better in front of their online users, don\'t they?

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