How To Get Free Wifi Anywhere

How To Get Free Wifi Anywhere

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It seems that these days we can't live without a connection to the internet. But forget about cords and wires, we are a people on the move and we want our freedom to do just that. But where can we find that wireless internet connection we need without spending the money? It turns out there are several ways to get a wifi connection without breaking the bank.

1. Tether your smartphone. This takes some setup in the beginning, but once that is done, your iPhone or Android phone can easily share wifi with your laptop with a simple USB cable.

2. Use a hotspot database like wefi to find the closest hotspot. There are millions of hotspots listed on this site. Also, iPhone and Android each have apps available to help find free wifi hotspots.

3. Be a nosy neighbor. Many times just asking around is enough to get a wifi connection. Many people would be glad to share what they already have with someone who really needs it.

4. Know what businesses provide free wifi. It used to be that coffee shops and libraries were the place to go for wireless internet. Now there are bookstores, college campuses, restaurants, many hotels, and even fast food restaurants that have jumped on the bandwagon. Many of these establishments have learned that providing free wifi brings in paying customers. Even some beaches and parks provide free wifi.

It may take some investigation, but in today's world there is always an internet connection somewhere close by. Finding it may take time, but the money saved by sniffing out that free wifi connection is definitely worth the effort.

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