Promoting your Site Using Web Directories

An effective method of promoting your business online is making your site to appear in the diverse listing of directories around the web. These directories are included by search engines in their search algorithm, which use the appearance of a site in displaying results. Bing, Google and Yahoo and any other search engines scan the web for results and web directories assist in pointing out existing websites that are considered credible. In short, listing your site on web directories shows the search engines that your site is functioning, genuine and worthy of traffic.

Getting started
In the cyberspace, there are numerous directories to choose from. Some are free while others you have to pay a fee to get listed. Others are well known in the market but are very selective of the sites they choose to list. Some directories are user- generated while others are under management of companies, who run listing services as a business. It is important to conduct a thorough investigation on all the directories before settling on the best one to list your site. Some of the highly selective directories that require a fee are Yahoo Directory and Best of the Web. The Open Directory Project is free but highly selective. Some user friendly and user generated directories include InsiderPages, Yelp and Google Places.

It is important for site owners to avoid spammy practices while submitting to listing sites and directories. They should uphold integrity by refraining from submitting an identical link multiple times or posting irrelevant links. Search engines avoid spam because most people do not like it.

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