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Buying A Used RV

Author: ikonsmatty

Buying any second hand vehicle can be like navigating a mine field and purchasing an RV is no different. There are a large number of unscrupulous sellers out there who wish to part you with your hard earned money. This makes it vitally important that you do your own due diligence before purchasing a second hand motor home. For those who don\'t have a mechanical background, this can be tough.

The below guide has been designed to guide novices through the process of buying a second hand RV. Just a few of the major items you need to check are explained below. Though if at all possible, it is best to take someone with a good knowledge of vehicles with you when buying your next RV.

Mechanical And Electrical Checks

The engine is the heart of every vehicle and it is important to establish its condition before you buy a used RV. Unless you are mechanically skilled already, you won\'t really be able to judge how good an engine is on your own. Because of this, you should always seek the advice of a professional.  A qualified mechanic can quickly and easily check your potential new purchase for major mechanical defects and tell you how much it will cost to fix any problems that are present.

In addition to complex mechanical systems, RV\'s tend to have more electrical systems than regular vehicles. This is because RV\'s are fitted out to be lived in and as such require lighting, heating and cooking facilities. Electrical systems can be quite dangerous if they are in poor condition, so it is essential that they be checked before you purchase an RV. Some mechanics are also able to spot problems with the electrical systems in vehicles, or alternatively, you can ask a qualified auto electrician for their opinion.

Service History

As well as checking the current condition of an RV, it is important to also look at the vehicles service history. Because RV\'s are generally only used for short periods of the year, many RV owners neglect the need for regular servicing. If the vehicle hasn\'t been regularly serviced, this can set alarm bells ringing and you should reconsider spending your hard earned money. All vehicles should have a service log book, which records when services were performed and what was replaced.


The interior fittings of an RV are arguably the most important part, as travelling in comfort is the reason most people buy an RV in the first place! Luckily, this is something you can inspect for yourself, as long as you are willing to look at the small details.

Upholstery and other fabrics are always a good indicator of wear and tear. Going by how worn they are, you can pretty quickly judge how much use an RV has had. Any appliances inside should also be tested prior to purchase, as replacing appliances in an RV can be a real pain due to limited space!

For more information, or to inspect a range of quality used RV\'s, you should contact your nearest authorised dealer today. With their wealth of experience they can help you choose the perfect RV.


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Buying an used RV in Alberta is lot more difficult than buying an used car. RVs have water tank and pipes, bigger air conditioner unit and engine along with various auxiliary components. If you are not an expert on the technical front, then its better you approach a trusted RV dealer who provides warranty. Click here to find a RV dealer near you.