Search 3000 v9.5 Review

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Search 3000 Online Operating System (Version 9.5)

The "Supreme Search Team" has created a fully functional window based web desktop, written only in JavaScript & CSS which emulates the Windows OS. The source code is compatible with the latest versions of most major browsers. It Supports a "Virtual File System" using the latest JavaScript/ DHTML technology. The "Virtual File System" allows you to add any type of URL links including html, mp3, wav, PDF, txt, jpg, gif and more. After you add a URL, it will appear as an icon on the Virtual Desktop!

The Search 3000 Project is powered by the JavaScript Core3 Libraries which has been in development for the last five years and tested on major projects. The "Search 3000 Operating System" includes a fully functional word processor, spreadsheet, paint program, file browser, search engine & much more! Version 9.5 includes an analog clock, more screensavers, Safari plugins, better Linux support, and mobile phone support.

Having a Online Operating System would allow clients to purchase cheap, low-power systems. Also, be able to open a browser on any system, and have access to the same online applications. The "Supreme Search Team" continues to show not only that it's possible to develop a JavaScript Operating System, but it's a step forward in developing the first real online Operating System!

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Version 9.5's Taskbar and window management tweaks are nice!

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