Windows 95 Review

A Quick Look Into The Windows 95 Operating System

In the year 1995, Windows 95 was deployed for the public. Most people will agree that this was a major event. For anyone who doesn’t already know, Windows 95 is a computer operating system; it is the computer operating system that is the successor of another operating system called windows 3.11.

The whole point of Windows 95 was to deliver a 32-bit operating system for computer users. When compared with the computer operating system Windows 3.x, Windows 95 offers much smoother background processing because it uses 32-bit protected mode. Win32 applications can be run on the Windows 95 operating system using multitasking and multithreading technology.

DOS applications will run much more smoothly on the Windows 95 operating system when compared to the performance that Windows 3.x has to offer. By using this powerful operating system, users are able to open documents and launch applications much more easily.

The multimedia support offered by Windows 95 is also much more efficient when compared with previous operating systems. Unfortunately, there are also some downsides to the Windows 95 operating system. When it comes to really buggy applications, Windows 95 does not offer good protection like newer operating systems such as Windows NT.

Also, the 32-bit key that Windows 95 uses does not protect passwords that well, which is why these 32-bit passwords are easily cracked. However, when it comes down to it, Windows 95 is still a viable operating systems for many purposes.

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