Windows ME Review

Windows ME Review

If you have used a computer for a few years, you will have at one point used Windows ME operating system. This was an upgrade to the previous versions of windows and it comes with a few tools that give normal uses better security. One of the fun features that come with Windows ME is the movie maker that is included free. Although this is not something that most serious movie makers will use to replace their editors, it does give the normal home user an option to edit and produce simple home movies, which they can upload or share with the world.

Another feature that came with Windows ME is the auto update service, which is useful for most people. You will even be able to set the time when the update is being done, and if you are someone that does not turn of your computer, this time can be set to the time you are sleeping. This not only updates your computer to the latest versions, but allows the user to leave the computer to search for updates to install. Since most people do not like to waste time searching for updates, this is one of the best features that Windows ME has to offer.

Overall to compare Windows ME to Windows Vista, you would consider it a no contest, but in actual fact most people would rather use Windows ME since it has less problems then Windows Vista.

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