Starbucks Cafe Review

Starbucks Cafe Review

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Starbucks Cafe Review

Starbucks is known as the most popular coffee chain in the world, offering thousands of locations and a cozy place for locals to lounge with a cappuccino while meeting with a friend. Their shop is cozy and warm with decorative coffee art proudly displayed on the walls and modern tables and lamps scattered throughout the establishment in a spacious setting.

From outside you can smell the coffee brewing, with a wide menu that offers plenty of blended drinks, yummy teas, and gourmet-style pastries. For those with a sweet tooth, trendy cake pops are sold, along with classic chocolate chip cookies and brownies. Some may need a snack as they study, as many prefer the delicious sandwiches or cheese and fruit plate that is plenty fresh and filling. Free wifi is available for those bringing laptops and tablets into the establishment.

Starbucks prides itself in promoting the arts with the latest music albums sold near the registers and even free downloadable hit songs. Their merchandise is beautifully displayed feet near the register, offering artistic mugs with the name of the local city on them, along with tea infusers and bags of Starbucks coffee that you can brew in the comfort of your own home.

In the summer, their delicious frappuccinos are a hit with refreshing flavors that include the Caramal Ribbon Crunch, Chocolate Cookie Crumble, Tazo Green Tea Blended Creme, and Strawberries & Creme, all topped with a plentiful amount of whipped creme.

Seating is plentiful in the coffee shop, with comfortable modern wood chairs and a number of outlets conveniently nearby. There are also expensive and cozy couches and lounge chairs that are both decorative and inviting. You'll find relaxing music being played throughout the day, as well as locals who are known by the staff and taken an interest in. Near the entrance, the local newspaper can be found, fully stocked and great for a piece of reading material while you lounge.

Coffee lovers have become addicted to Starbucks for their wide variety of drinks, including a "Bold Pick of the Day." Iced coffee is available for those warmer days, along with the Cafe Misto, which is brewed coffee and milk. Almost two dozen Tazo tea flavors are available, all personally made to your liking and chilled at a perfect temperature. A variety of sweeteners are available, with the staff incredibly knowledgeable about preferred flavors and any suggestions they may have for your drink.

Both the charm and passion for coffee in Starbucks ignites a love for fresh coffee that is both innovative and classic, perfect for a treat throughout the day and to have a safe place to rest. Starbucks has become the social hub where all types of people can congregate for a comfortable setting that feels like home.

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