iPhone 5 Review

iPhone 5 Review

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iPhone 5 Review

The anticipation was building for a long time as fans speculated different things about the iPhone review. Many fans stood in long lines to see if the iPhone 5 would be all that people expected it to be. The following highlights the features that people are talking about.

Screen Size

There is definitely a lot of talk about the screen of this machine. It is one of the better features about this device. It appears that Apple was testing the waters of manipulating the screen size to compete with large phones made by Samsung. This paid off because many fans were impressed with the 4 inch screen. Lots of people watch videos and all types of movies on their phone.


With more than 1GB of memory this is the fastest from the iPhone series yet. People that may have been using apps that seemed to be running slow will appreciate this increase in speed.

The A6 chip also play a great part in making this device fast. The best thing about using this phone is that it is almost twice as fast as the iPhone 4. That alone - for most people - is worth the purchase price.


The iPhone 5 came equipped with the new iOS 6. This operating system is available for other iPhones like the 3GS, 4 and 4GS, but the iPhone 5 utilizes this iOS better. There is more speed to run the apps and a better resolution to see the things on the screen. The 640 X 1136 display is one of the best on the market.


People are leaving their stand alone cameras at home as innovation improves with the quality of the cameras on smartphones. The iPhone is one of these devices with embedded cameras that are getting better. The iPhone 5 has an 8 megapixel camera with auto focus and digital image stabilization. People can also crop their phones and eliminate red eye from the pictures that are taken. Consumers that have purchased an iPhone will be thrilled with their photo and the HD quality resolution.


People are also impressed with the fact that this device is lighter. It is thinner and longer than any of the previous iPhones. These are features that may also contribute to the longer battery life of this device.

When the new iPhone hits the market there is always a lot of buzz about this phone. It has become a staple in the environment that people have embraced. It is the smartphone that revolutionized the world. The iPhone 5, many years down the road, will be just another link in the chain. Right now, however, it is the best smartphone on the market.

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