A Review of Netflix

Netflix has revolutionized the way people view films. As little as ten years ago, people were still going out and renting films from the local video store. With Netflix, you can order a DVD and have it sent to you without the inconvenience of trips to and from video stores. People who sign up for a Netflix account have access to even more films through live video streaming. Netflix also periodically updates the website and adds more films to its available selection. When films are no longer available through video streaming, it is still possible to order them as DVDs.

Netflix makes video searches easier by categorizing its available films. Users can search for a given actor or actress and get a full list of which of his or her films are currently available on Netflix. Netflix also makes recommendations for users based on their previous film selections. Users could end up watching new films they had never even heard of previously. Netflix features films from all over film history. Films are also categorized according to tone, such as ‘dark’ or ‘cerebral.’ Users can essentially select films based on multiple characteristics and search criteria. Netflix has enriched the film-watching experience.

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