Google Adwords Review

Google Adwords is a great solution to promote your new website or even established one. You can set your own budget, plus most web hosts offer a free $100 to new customers. The best way to promote your site is using banner ads, and the more sizes you create the better as it will get your site out there more. Set a daily budget for yourself, how much are you willing to spend per day on your campaign. You also want to think about if you want Google to make an auto price per click or if you want to pick a custom one. Remember you are charged per click of you ad.

To get started you go to the Adwords site and sign up. From there you create your campaign, remember the information above. When you are done, they will ask you for payment information or coupon code. Once that is complete, you will create your ads, remember the more variety, the better the response. Once Google approves your ads, you are off and running. Make sure you set your budget to an affordable price. Both prepay and post pay options are available.

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