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Our "Free Search Marketing Resell System" follows a proven, simple business model. It allows you to sell Search Marketing Services without having to pay a monthly fee. This is a key difference between our system and most of the Search Marketing Reseller Solution available online, which require you to pay monthly fees & pays you only 20% in commission.

We offer the economical and the most efficient way to attract visitors to your clients or business websites just by increasing their traffic flow! You have the means to order up to 280,000 visitors to the destination website of choice. Your customers will have thousand of unique visitors, and at the same time becoming potential customers ready to buy products or services.

Features Of Our Resell System

Custom Reports
* Re-brand our reports with your company branding.

A steady, fast supply
* Rely on us, we always deliver - as fast as we can. This ensures customer loyalty, and enables you to get trusted on forums and such.

Resell your packages the way you want
* On your own website, or on any other online platform. Set your own prices!

Continuous support
* Contact us, we will help you and never fail to find a solution to a problem.

Start Now - No Sign Up Required!

Just follow these easy steps!
1) Order a advertising package Click Here
2) Use your email address on our order form, not your clients. Click Here
3) We will setup your Client's Campaign. Example
4) To add the Campaign to your site.
Find the "Resellers Link Code" on the Campaign Page.
5) Add the "Resellers Link Code" to your webpage.
Replace "Your Company Name Goes Here" with your company name.
ALL Done!

Do you want your own Search Engine?

You can now create your own Free Search Engine to help promote your clients!

To Rebrand Our Search Engine
1) Use our "Search Builder" App Click Here
2) Click "Get HTML Code"
3) Add The HTML Code To Your Webpage
ALL Done!

Questions?? Please feel free to contact us anytime at