DVD vs Blu-ray Disc

DVD vs Blu-ray Disc

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DVD vs Blu-ray Disc

DVD and Blu ray disc may appear to be quite similar, they can both be single or dual layered, they both record video and both are compatible for playing on the PlayStation 3; however there are also definite differences in the quality of the recording and amount of information a disc can hold.

Blu ray discs derive their name because of the blue color of the laser ray that is used to record information on the disc while the DVD uses a red laser. The lasers make a difference in the quality of the recorded information on the disc; the blue laser has a smaller wavelength than the red laser, it can be placed closer to the disc, and can record much more information on a disc than a standard DVD that uses a red laser.

Storage Space: Standard DVDs have much less storage space than a Blu Ray disc. A DVD or Blu ray disc's can be either single or dual layered which refers to how much information can be held on the disc. A single layered DVD can hold 4.7 GB of information while a dual layered DVD has a storage capacity if 8.5 GB. A Blu ray disc can hold approximately five times more the information on a single layer with a capacity of 25 GB and the dual layer Blu Ray can hold 50 GB of information.

Video Quality: While both DVD and Blu ray record video, the picture quality of the Blu Ray disc is much better than the standard DVD. Blu ray is the highest quality video resolution available, by using better video compression methods a much better picture results. Technically speaking the resolution of a Blu ray disc is 1,920x1,080p (pixels) while DVD has a much lower resolution of 720x480p (pixels); the pixel refers to the 'picture element' and each pixel is a single piece of the image, this means the more pixels an image has the more detail it has and that makes a better quality resolution of the image.

Audio Quality: The sound quality, like the video quality is much better on a Blu ray than the DVD. The technology that is used for audio recording on Blu rays has the ability to sound nearly identical to the studio master copy; this means the sound you get at home through your HDTV can top that of the audio at a theater.

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Blu Ray Review

Many people have been curious about this new technology that offers clarity and high definition. The Blu Ray is known as Blu Ray Disc (BD) and designed to create rewriting, recording and high-definition video playback, in addition to storing loads of data. The format can provide a great amount of storage volume of normal DVDs that store up to 50GB on a dual-layer disc and 25GB on a dingle-layer disc. The video and audio has features like Dolby True HD, therefore, you may no longer desire to go to a movie theater when you can experience the same powerful surround sound speakers in the comfort of your home.

The features and functionality is great for while chatting with your friends watching a movie, downloading ring tones and wallpapers. Some of them require and additional USB Wi-Fi adapter that may be purchased separately in order to connect to the internet. Usually there is an automatic shut off mode within 25 minutes on inactivity. For managing storage needs, you may want to choose the USB ports, SD card slots or built-in storage. It is very important to read the fine print to make sure you’re getting what you want.

The Sony BDP-S590 is known to be one of the best Blu Ray Players for it’s’ ability to connect to a broad selection of flowing services to watch TV shows and favorite movies. It also includes You Tube, Vudu, Hulu Plus, Netflix, Amazon and Pandora to give users instant access to well-liked services available. These services can be great for movie watchers which give more flexibility and allow them time to watch old shows and catch up on the new ones. The Sony has a built-in Wi-Fi connectivity which makes it easy to connect to the internet and allows users to enjoy their wireless network without extra wires connected to their Blu Ray player. It is capable of playing 3D content with a 3D television. This is usually a bonus that might be fundamental to those that have the ability to play 3D movies…

Approximately all users indicate that it is extremely easy to operate the menu layouts, and the remote control is simple and basic to utilize as well. Many people enjoy the home network to listen to music or watch videos photos with less clutter of wires and cables to jumble with. The majority of buyers enjoy the ability of watching a slideshow nearly 2000 images per folder. Some commented admirably on the good looks of the small modernize size machine. The screen colors are vibrant and accurate without glare even in a dark room. People have been enormously impressed with the new Blu Ray technology and love the high quality product.

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