Choosing the Best Flat Screen TV

The technology of flat screen TVs has advanced exponentially in the last few years, resulting in an incredible variety of incredible features to choose from. While having a wide array of options is definitely a positive thing for consumers, it can also become confusing. Here's a short guide that aspires to help you get a solid idea of what you should look for.

Before anything else, you should consider what type of television works best for you. The three most common types of flat screens are plasma, LCD and LED. All of them are capable of providing a high-quality image, but there are differences between the visual properties each one has.

It's important to take contrast ratios into account because they determine the screen's ability to display dark and bright images simultaneously. It's recommended to spend some amount of time observing how each screen handles motion at different speeds.

Another important characteristic to look into is the screen resolution. 720p is the resolution most HD programs use, but 1080p is recommended if you are a fan of blue-ray. Of course, screen size is fundamental, so choose wisely and don't forget to take the size of the room into account.

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