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Android is Becoming the Ultimate iPhone Replacement

It has not been long since both Google and Apple have updated their mobile OS software, which has proved to be a disaster for the iPhone. It is hard for the iPhone to compete with a competitor that not only has the advantage of choosing from which ever manufacturer it wants, but as well has the better software.

What Makes the Android Jelly Bean OS a Great Replacement for an iOS6 Device?

The Android development team saw places to make improvements, such as accessibility. This can be demonstrated with the new gesture typing, and intelligent keyboard that Android 4.2 Jelly Bean has implemented.

Unfortunately for Apple, they have decided to can all Google products on their iOS 6 release. The new iOS6 has little more than improved voice commands. This can be seen with the navigation that is missing entire cities, and support gone for native Apple applications as well.

While Apple has been busy trying to locate Japan, Google has been busy improving Android Jelly Bean, and releasing the 4.2 update. The improvements in Android 4.2 include an improved camera application, gesture typing and accessibility. It is obvious that the new Android phones have more than an iPhone will ever have.

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Android vs. iPhone

Smart phones equipped with Google's Android operating system have grown rapidly in popularity in recent years. Utilizing touch-screen technology and user-friendly icons for navigation, Android phones are capable of running hundreds of thousands of applications installed from the Google Play store, many of them free of charge. Several manufacturers have chosen to use Android on their mobile phones, with some of the most popular being Samsung, LG, and HTC.

Android phones can be used for many common activities, including email, scheduling, taking notes, playing games, listening to music, text messaging, and making phone calls. Most Android phone models come equipped with a camera, enabling the phone to take pictures, record video, or make video calls.

Frequent comparisons are made between Android phones and Apple's iPhone. Both are smart phones with touch-screen displays, and both have hundreds of thousands of apps available, but there are differences between the two. Apple's iPhone comes in a few models - such as the iPhone 4S and 5 - whereas there are thousands of different Android phone models on the market. The iPhone uses Apple's iTunes store for apps and music, but Android phones can access content through Google Play or Amazon's App Store.

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