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The Benefits of Exercise and Fitness

Regular exercise improves your overall health by making your heart and lungs stronger as well as helping the cardiovascular system provide oxygen. Exercising lowers the blood pressure and decreases cholesterol levels. The most beneficial factor of exercising is to decrease your risk of health issues such as, strokes, artery disease and heart attacks. Also, diabetes and colon cancer are less likely to happen in those who get regular exercise.

Additionally, exercising makes your muscles stronger; permitting you to do tasks that you otherwise may not have been able to perform. Each and every physical task requires strength and some range of motion. Keeping fit and exercising will help with both. When you exercise you are stretching your muscles and joints which will increase your flexibility and aid in the prevention of injuries.

Exercising will also increase the body's endorphin levels, the chemicals that are released in the brain that induces a sense of well being. Exercise will help to improve your mood and boost energy levels and will also help to diminish depression, boost self esteem, as well as improve overall health and appearance.

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Diet and Exercise

The benefits of exercise are recognized by an array of experts. People are almost always instructed to combine exercise with a healthy, low-calorie food plan if they want to lose weight. The value of being active is so important many fitness programs encourage using stairs instead of evaluators or parking a greater distance from a door than necessary to help fight a sedentary lifestyle.

A number of medical conditions can benefit from regular exercise, such as, lowering high blood pressure, improving type 2 diabetes numbers, increasing HDL, or good cholesterol, while lowering triglycerides and arthritis. In addition to the physical benefits of consistent exercise, a regular 30-minute workout can help fight depression by releasing chemicals in the brain that create a better frame of mind.

Physical activity also increases a personís energy level. This increase makes doing chores easier, improves the quality of sleep, strengthens bones, improves the appearance of skin and has a positive effect on oneís sex life. Exercise doesnít have to be a solitary workout. It can come in the form of a group activity with family and friends that can become part of oneís social life.

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