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Being Bilingual

Being bilingual means that someone has a first language such as English, and a second language which could be French, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Sign language, etc. There are many benefits of having a second language to go along with your first, but one is that you have the opportunity to help out at your job, for example, if a customer speaks a different language and you just so happen to understand what they are asking or wanting and are able to help them out to your fullest ability and be an amazing asset because you can help customers that others at your company while others cannot. Another benefit of having a second language is if you go to a different country, you'll be able to communicate with the residents there even if those people there don't speak your first language.

An example with sign language is if a member of your family is hearing impaired, and can only communicate with you with hand language. Also, another benefit of learning a second language is having the opportunity to learn all about that language's culture such as their traditions and customs, historical and famous people, and even the food that they serve such as spaghetti for Italy. For people that date with any one of any race, it is also a benefit because you can speak in their language with them and feel comfortable together. Another benefit for someone who is learning a second language in class, whether it be lower age classes like High School or College, it has been proven that those students perform better on their tests rather than the students who do not have a second language.

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