Cable TV/ Satellite TV Alternatives News Press

Cable TV/ Satellite TV Alternatives News Press

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Cable TV/ Satellite TV Alternatives

Cable and Satellite TV are so expensive that many people are looking for cheaper or free alternatives. If you spend just a little time you will be able to find a way to watch the same shows you watch on cable and satellite TV for much cheaper or even free. Not only do these alternatives save you money, but you can also watch the shows when it is convenient for you.

The internet is a great place to find all those TV shows that you love to watch. You can start by looking directly on the different networks websites. Many networks allow you to watch most of the shows from their network directly online. There are also many other online sources to watch a variety of old and new TV shows.

If you can't find what you are looking for online you can subscribe to a video service such as Hulu or Netflix. For a small monthly fee that is much less expensive then cable or satellite TV you can get unlimited access to current and past TV shows and movies. You can also buy digital episodes of your favorite TV shows from places such as Amazon and iTunes.

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Cable TV or Satellite TV

In the past, people had only one way to view TV programs in their home. That is no longer the case thanks to the wonders of technology. Consumers now have the option of cable TV, or satellite TV.

Satellite TV offers on average more channels than cable TV. Satellite TV also has more channels in HD; meaning a higher quality picture and sound. Satellite TV requires the use and installation of a satellite dish and many cable companies will install the device free. The reception is easy to pick up because it is broadcast via satellites in orbit.

Cable TV, charges on average forty dollars a month for 60-100 channels. This price does not include fees for sports packages, or movie channel packages. There will also be an installation fee, and an extra charge per room that will be set up for cable. This can add up to a lot of money. The consumer will also spend time, waiting for the cable installer to come in their allotted window. Another downside to cable is availability, if a consumer resides out in the desert where no cable company serves, that person's TV can't pick up a signal because there isn't one.

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