Effects of Global Warming

Effects of Global Warming

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Effects of Global Warming

There are numerous effects of global warming which has greatly affected the Earth and has caused irreversible damages that cannot be undone. Global warming is the long-term effect created by greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane on the Earthís temperature when it is built up within the atmosphere and is trapped within the sunís heat. The climate change has affected the Earthís environment, atmosphere and the weather over the last several decades. There are many effects of global warming but there are several that are the worst. Several of the worst effects:

1. Rising sea levels due to the rising temperatures. The glaciers, polar ice sheets and sea ice are melting and this effect has increased the oceanís water levels. Scientists measured that the melted water from Greenlandís ice caps will directly affect people in the United States submerging low-lying cities such as New York Cityís Lower Manhattan area, and Miami.

2. Shrinking glaciers such as the Montanaís Glacier National Park has experienced severe deterioration and it went down from 150 to 35. The Himalayan glaciers feed into the Ganges River and supplies irrigation and drinking water to over 500 million people has been shrinking by 40 yards each year.

3. Heat waves kill an estimated amount of 35,000 people each year and are happening more often at least two to four times more. It has steadily grown in the last 50 to 100 years which means increases in wildfires, increase in the planetís temperature and heat-related illnesses.

4. Storms and floods have risen heavily due to global temperatures rising. In the last 30 years severe storms have increased costing billions of dollars in damages. Warmer waters give hurricanes strength which has greatly affected United States, Mexico, Caribbean islands, Britain, and more countries.

5. Increase in diseases such as Lyme disease and West Nile virus due to the warmer temperatures and the rise in floods and droughts worldwide. It has added a health threat of more mosquitoes, ticks, and more disease-carrying insects. More than 150,000 people die every year from these diseases from heart-related problems and respiratory problems to malaria due to the heat. There have been increased cases of asthma and allergies too.

6. The costs have risen due to the effects of global warming. The economic consequences involve a rise in temperature. Billions of dollars in damages due to an increase in hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods. This included along with agricultural losses has caused billions of dollars

The devastating effect of global warming has continued to worsen each year and more lives are greatly affected.

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