What Causes Air Pollution?

What Causes Air Pollution?

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What Causes Air Pollution?

Air is the sum of many gases that are trapped by the Earth's atmosphere and pulled by its gravity. Air is an essential component to our survival. It is mostly made up of Nitrogen, although it does have Oxygen, Argon, and Carbon Dioxide. Recently the air has been introduced to an enemy. This enemy is unwelcomed, intrusive, and quite harmful to the health of all living things including the Earth. They are collectively called: pollutants.

What air pollutants, do you wonder? There are quite a few of them, but the running theme that connects these pollutants is us. It is not like we are directly responsible, all we are doing is trying to live. Now that we are aware of the issues, it is up to us to turn our planet around and change our lifestyles to align with what we already know. What do we know? We know that pollution harms more than just living things.

There are many who argue that pollution is a natural occurrence, which is partly true. Volcanoes do let out one of the heaviest pollutants known to us, but it is something we give off as well. Our coal and petroleum industries produce a fuel that lets out what a volcano lets out naturally, but the problem is, we let out much more of it and we do it constantly. What do we let out? Sulfur Oxides is what it is called. Nitrogen Oxides are also a major factor. They arise from high temperature combustion engines and thunderstorms, but who do you think takes the prize?

Carbon Monoxide is a major pollutant as well, which is caused by a partial combustion and is quite popular among human beings. The most effective Carbon Monoxide emitter is the exhaust of vehicles. Methane is another contributing pollutant and it is a scary one at that; it is known to intensify the greenhouse effect. It is heavily produced by our Industrial companies who just love to aggravate our planet and the health of all those sheltered within the confines of this once clean Earth.

We all know that cars, power plants, and other fuel burning industries are the cause of the pollution, but are there other little things we have not thought of? Yes there is. Have you heard of paint? The paint gives off a fume that is quite detrimental to the atmosphere. Hair spray gives off something you do not want to be breathing as well; they are mostly made up of Aerosol, which if inhaled incorrectly could be deadly. "Deadly" is the word that should stick out, why would you want to use hair spray when you know it releases a deadly gas into the air?

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