How to Protect Your Internet Privacy

With a growing number of individuals using the Internet everyday, an increasing concern is the issue of privacy. New users of the Internet aren't as aware or seasoned against the multitude of scams and theft found online. In order to keep your identity safe online, please read the following:

The first thing you should do in order to protect your privacy is to never give out your personal details unless absolutely necessary or you have a great amount of trust in the site. One thing you can do is to create another identity for your online activities. You can do this by creating an alternative email with different personal information from your true identity.

Another way in which you can help protect yourself is to always be wary of giving away your email address or any other personal information for some type of prize or reward. Oftentimes, this is leading you into a trap set by a spammer or scammer trying to make money off of you and your personal information.

One final thing you should be wary of is enticing email offers. This works in conjunction with the previous tip in that many times you will get spam emails telling you that some wealthy person in another country has left you a large sum of money, but they need some personal information from you in order to transfer the money. This is a common email scam, so please always be on the lookout for it.

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