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(Supreme Search) Desktop Search Engine! (Freeware)

The Supreme Search (Desktop Search Engine) allows you to surf the web and listen to your favorite songs; you can download it to your desktop so you won't have to load homepage.

Supreme Search (Desktop Search Engine) lets you load any audio file or playlist from your local computer to listen to while you search the web. Enhancing your search experience. It has three search modes Web Search, Sponsor Search, and Powered Search.

It also has nearly instant loading on any computer or Internet connection. The Multi-Search Function allows you to type in what you want to search for and then click the search engine you want to search with. The Multi-Search Function includes Yahoo, Ask, Google, Jayde, MSN,, AltaVista, and

Supreme Search (Destop Search Engine) results are powered by and updates from our servers automatically. There is nothing to install on your computer downloads in just a few seconds.

System Requirments:
You computer must have some sort of media player to play video and audio files. For example: Real Player, Windows Media Player, Nero, QucikTime, or any other media player.

You now can "Play" or "Open" the following files below with "Player.html":

* Image Files
* Text files
* Webpages
* Audio CD Files
* DVD Movie Files
* Any type of Video/Audio Files

Download (Supreme Search) Desktop Search Engine Free! in a few seconds and enjoy listening to your favorite songs while searching the web. Enhanced your search experience! (about 6 kb)

Click Here To Download

Note: Windows may block access to Player.html

For security reasons, windows may blocked access to Player.html. To fix this problem right click on Player.html goto "Properties" click "Unblock", then click "Apply" and "OK". You must repeat the following for Search.htm. You only have to do this one time. Follow the diagram below for help.

Once you have done this, you can now play your audio files with Supreme Search (Desktop Search Engine) You may be prompt to allow ActiveX, Click "Allow Blocked Content".

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