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Both search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising drive more visitors to your website but they work in different ways. You can use one or the other exclusively, or use a combination of both, depending on your budget, the type of website you want to promote and how much competition there is in your niche.

SEO is free, if you do the work yourself, but it takes several months to see results. Even if you pay an SEO company to optimize your website, you won't see increased traffic immediately. If you're selling seasonal merchandise or time-sensitive offers, such as one-time event tickets, PPC advertising will bring you the traffic you need quickly.

Your traffic will build slowly using SEO but search engine optimization keeps on bringing you visitors long after you're done the initial work. You still have to update your website and post on social media but these tasks are normal website maintenance. With PPC advertising, once you stop paying for clicks, the traffic stops.

Newly launched websites in highly competitive niches should use PPC advertising to get visitors because it's extremely hard to knock established authority websites out of the top search engine results spots. Once PPC visitors start sharing your link, you can lower your advertising budget and concentrate on SEO because you'll have banklinks to help you compete with established sites.

For promoting single or time-sensitive offers, PPC is best. A one page website promoting one offer isn't going to have much value to search engines. Content-rich websites and blogs that are continually updated and rely on visitor trust, such as news websites, see the best results using SEO.

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