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We've included some basic information to help you understand and navigate Supreme-Search Sponsored Listings (SSL).

Supreme-Search Sponsored Listings does provide and enforce editorial guidelines to help you create professional listings and to ensure quality results for users. We recommend you review the editorial guidelines below, before submitting your listing.

Editorial Guidelines

The following guidelines will help you create high-performance listings that drive more qualified traffic to your pages. It is your responsibility to make sure your listings adhere to the guidelines. Supreme-Search Sponsored Listings (SSL) may reject listings that do not adhere to the guidelines or that it deems otherwise inappropriate.

There are three high level principles upon which the guidelines are based:

1) Ad Copy: A listing must accurately represent the linked page at all times.

2) URLs: The listing URL must be fully accessible, functional and loadable at all times.

3) Content: Your site must not contain any inappropriate, obscene, or otherwise unagreeable content. We do not accept any adult websites or illegal websites.

Click Fraud Protection:

Click fraud is an issue the search industry deals with on a daily basis. At Supreme-Search Sponsored Listings (SSL), we have developed effective standards, business practices and methods with the goal of eliminating invalid clicks affecting search marketing.

Our Traffic

Our visitors comes from viewers on our network making online searches, browsing, reading our web content, playing online games, listening to music samples, downloading ebooks & software. Absolutely NO SPAM is used in our network.

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