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Features of Load Balacing Dedicated servers

Author: Leif Nisaan

Load balancing dedicated servers is basically a technique by which the load on one dedicated server is distributed among two dedicated servers. This way the load is not concentrated on one dedicated server which increases the performance of the server. If you compare a load balancing dedicated server with a dedicated server, you will notice that the dedicated server has much more features in comparison to the dedicated server. Some of them are as follows :-

load-balance Features of Load Balacing Dedicated servers

1) Asymmetric load : The performance of the front end servers is improved as the load can be distributed with back end Dedicated servers.

2) Immediate Activation : If due to some reason the front end server is failed, the backend server can be bought online which is very great as the websites will not face any downtime.

3) SSL Load Management : Load balancing hardware can help to manage the load balancing hardware.

4) Protection against DDoS : The counter attacks of DDoS can be avoided as SYN cookies and delayed binds can work offline also.

5) Compression of HTTP : To reduce the load of the data transfer gzip on the web browser can be installed.

6) TCP Offloading / buffer : As every HTTP request has different TCP connection it can serve every client that reaches the server and also it can take care of every other task.

7) Caching of HTTP : The data which is traffic can be stored and due to this the load on the dedicated server is reduced the the data retriving is not done on a regular basis then.

8) Filtering : filtering and traffic management.

9) Security on HTTP : In order to maintain the security on the server, the HTTP error pages can be hidden as well as the HTTP responces can also be removed with the cookies encryptions.

10) Priority Que : The decent traffic and the bad traffic can be differentiated.

11) Request Switch : According to the URL that is requested the request can be sent to the different load balancing server.

12) Authentication from client : The visitor can be asked for authentication i.e. the permission to access to website.

13) Firewall : The security on the dedicated server can be ensured as the connections which are not safe can be prevented.

For all these features you will have to make sure that you select a good web hosting provide who can provide you will all these features along with good support and service with the dedicated servers you have purchased.

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