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Webhosting for Small Businesses

Author: Leon Belenky

Small businesses face enough financial challenges without gambling thousands of dollars on developing an Internet site. Webhosting is an area where businesses can act intelligently to save money and to grow their site as they grow their business. This expense need not take up a great deal of a company’s IT budget though, unfortunately, this is oftentimes the case. More often than not, this is simply because the business doesn’t understand the various options available and fails to understand that, by leveraging these options to their advantage, they can make a potentially very expensive cost very manageable.

Webhosting comes in different types. For very small businesses without their own IT personnel, consider a webhost which offers hosting which can be controlled from a simple interface that does most of the heavy lifting for the user. The reality of a website is that it is hosted on a web server, one of the most complex pieces of software and hardware in use. One need not learn this technology inside and out to manage their own website, however, and there are many companies that go out of their way to make managing an entire site very easy for their clients.

One may also consider their bandwidth in this equation. Bandwidth is simply the amount of data that is downloaded from a site over a given amount of time. Very busy sites with a lot of data consume a lot of bandwidth. If one is just starting their business, there is no need to go overboard on bandwidth costs. Start small and, as the business grows, expand the amount of bandwidth one purchases over the course of a billing period. By doing so, one can make certain that they’re not overpaying for a service that they aren’t likely to use.

Templates oftentimes make the World Wide Web go around. Before spending thousands of dollars having a designer set up a site, see if the host offers some readymade templates that may be of use. These are particularly valuable for shopping carts and other database-driven uses. Remember that one can always have their site more customized as they go along and that there’s no need to spend a great deal of money on something that has yet to prove profitable. Oftentimes, a webhost can make this process very easy and cost effective for their client and can make a complex site affordable.

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