Are Your Beauty Supplies Banned

Are Your Beauty Supplies Banned?

Are you a female who is about to catch a flight? Whether you are just going to visit family, are planning to take a vacation, or you have a business meeting to attend, there is a good chance that you will be brining along beauty supplies. In fact, some of these supplies you may even want to carry with you at all times, but can you? If you weren't already aware, there are a number of different beauty supplies that are prohibited from being stored in your carryon luggage. Before you head to the airport, you are encouraged to famialrize yourself with these items.

With the recent ban on liquids, you will find that a number of your beauty supply products are automatically eliminated from being allowed in your carryon luggage. These items most commonly include liquid deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioners, hand sanitizers, and all liquid hair products. Although it may be inconvenient for you, you will also find that the majority of your makeup supplies are banned from carryon luggage bags. All of these banned items include liquid based formulas, such as liquid foundation, liquid skincare creams, liquid mascara, and liquid lip products.

Although a large number of liquid beauty supplies are prohibited from being stored in carryon luggage bags, there are a few exceptions. These liquid exceptions include prescriptions that are prescribed to you and certain eye care products. If you are wearing your contacts or have eye problems, you are allowed to carry small amounts of eye drops or saline solution with you. These items must be no larger than four ounces each.

Although a large number of beauty supplies are liquid based, there are others that are not. For instance, most nail care products, expect for nail polish or nail polish remover, are liquid free. By the way, it is important to note that both nail polish and nail polish remover are included in the, above mentioned, liquid ban. Nail care items that you can bring aboard an airplane with you, in your carryon luggage, including nail clippers, nail cuticle cutters, and nail files.

If you need to carry any other beauty products with you, it is likely that you they will focus on eye care. As previously mentioned, small amounts of saline solution and eye drops are permitted onboard an airplane, in your carryon luggage. Although you may think it is banned, you are permitted to carry eye glass repair kits with you. These kits are allowed, despite the fact they do have a small number of sharp objects in them.

Now that you know which common beauty supplies or products are allowed or are not allowed to be stored in your carryon luggage, you can pack accordingly. It is important that you keep this list in mind. If you are planning on wearing makeup, you will want to apply it before you leave and store the rest in your bags that will be checked. In the event that you try to sneak, the above mentioned, prohibited items into your bag, you may be at risk for being detained by airport security.

Although there is a chance that you may be detained by airport security or miss your flight, due to being tied up at a security checkpoint, you will find that those are the most serious consequences. In the event that you are cooperative with airport security and other airport staff, you will likely just have your banned beauty items confiscated. As a woman, you should know that many of these items do not come cheap. Therefore, instead of wasting your hard earned money, you are advised to think wisely and plan ahead.


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