Athletics track and field

Athletics (track and field)
Athletics (in the United States also known as track and field or track and field athletics) is a collection of sport events that includes running, jumping and throwing.
Athletics is a very common sporting event over the world. Athletics is a combination of different sports, generally running, jumping and throwing events. Running events include marathons, long distance and short distance events. Some jumping events are high jump, long jump, triple jump and pole vault. Throwing events involve javelin, discus, hammer and shot-put.
All participants are timed or have a distance measured and this is their end result. Participants train hard for an event and always aim to better their results.
Athletics is a sport that people take part in all over the world. It is a sport that is most common between young children up to younger adults. Athletics can be played for enjoyment, but it can also be a competitive sport. Athletics is also an event in the Olympic games.

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